Astrology Readings & Consultations

As an Astrologer and Yoga teacher, I embrace the concept that we are Spirit having a human experience – hopefully a rich and fulfilling one. Yoga practice entails self-examination, evolving into our Spiritual Consciousness. Astrology, used in that context becomes a map for the individual’s journey, a tool rich with insights, confirmation and validation. Astrology brings awareness to cycles, which when recognized, become instrumental in making thoughtful and wise decisions that lead to growth.


First-Time Reading

$150 for 1 ½ hours

This introductory reading combines a Birth Chart analysis and a Transit Reading. The Birth Chart explores your personal strengths, challenges and potential growth. The Transit Reading considers the on-going movement of the planets and their effects on your life (the Birth Chart) over the next year.


Insight Reading

$150 for 1 ½ hours

Focuses the Transit Reading on a specific issue, question or area of your life, about which you would like more insight, understanding, and/or information; or if you prefer, a more generalized outlook on the year ahead.


"Quickie" Reading

$50 for 30 minutes

A less than half-hour discussion (using the transits) to add insight and clarity to a specific question. If this reading goes over  a half-hour, the price goes up accordingly. This reading is usually a phone call or FaceTime.


Chart Comparison Reading

$150 for 1 ½ hours

Compares and analyzes two Astrology charts, looking at compatibilities, challenges, areas of resistance and creative compromises.

Astrology Classes

I teach ongoing astrology classes from time to time.  Astrology I is for those new to astrology.  Astrology II is a continuing “beginners” class, for those with basic knowledge.  Click the “Class Schedule” button below to see if I am currently teaching classes at this time and for more information.

Class Schedule

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To make an appointment for an Astrology Reading, or for more information about readings or classes, please call me at my home line (516) 752-2133, or text my cell (516)557-6944, or email me by submitting the form below.

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