Yoga Classes

Yoga means union – the bringing together of all parts of the self – body, mind and spirit. In our busy lives, we become tense, tired, and fragmented, trying to make it all happen, or just keeping up with what is happening. Take a break from the externals and journey back toward your center. Through gentle, non-competitive Hatha Yoga postures, and deep breathing techniques, you will gradually stretch and tone muscles, release tension physically, still the inner chatter, and receive a fresh awareness, and sense of integration. Experience a communion with your serene self that will gradually and subtly change your approach to life.


Yoga Classes

Price Varies by Location

I teach ongoing yoga classes at several locations.  My classes are designed for beginners and for practiced students alike, although I do tend to teach a basic – to slower and gentler – asana practice; And I teach Chair yoga classes for those with injuries or who need more support. My Chair classes are open to everyone and incorporate a good amount of standing postures, using the chair as a prop.


Private Sessions

$75 for 45 minutes

I teach private yoga classes at my home studio for students who need special one-on-one attention. Contact me directly for more information (see below).

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Class Schedule

Contact Debra

To make an appointment for a private yoga session, or for more information about yoga classes or private sessions, please call me at my home line (516) 752-2133, or text my cell number (516) 557-6944, or email me by submitting the form below.

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