At last…

Hello everyone! Happy August! For now, as always, I would like to extend my love and gratitude to every one of you. I am grateful to you all for choosing to attend my Yoga classes – or any Yoga classes. I truly know that when we practice mindfulness in any form, we benefit ourselves, others, our planet and beyond…

For those of you who have expressed an interest in the inspirational blurbs and books I’ve read (from) during classes, I will add their titles (and pages read from) to this site each week or month – beginning with today’s poem which was composed by Narriyah Waheed entitled Traveling. Look her up online to read that poem and her others.

For those of you interested in Astrology, I will be changing my prices this Fall, and adding a couple of different types of Readings. Look for them in September! Enjoy the 1st Full moon today in Aquarius and expect the Blue Moon (another Full Moon) on August 30! 2 full moons this month – completion and beginnings…enjoy la bella Luna, she’s amazing!

We are magnificent creators, every one of us! What have you been busy creating? Just look around you. If you don’t enjoy what you see, feel, hear, experience – change it, or change your thoughts about it. Start with stillness….go from there. I am blessed, so are you…have a lovely day.

Books, Poems, Music that might interest Yoga students:

  • “Traveling” by Narriyah Waheed
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann
  • Adagio: Music for Meditation – Peter Davisson
  • Adagio: Music for Healing – Peter Davisson

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