What’s new?

The January / February 2023 classes are beginning January 10th (Basic Yoga) and January 12th (Chair Yoga) on Zoom. Please remember that although the classes are free, you must be registered to receive the link. We will also be extending into March & April, so look for that registration in February. Don’t be afraid to register for one or both classes, so you’ll have access whenever you’re able to make a class. Whether you have your video on or off, I love seeing your names and feel connected, at least in some small way. Hope to see you soon!

And please remember…

I think of you all, often, my Yoga (and Astrology) students – longtime and new – and send my caring energy to you all always. I treasure your feedback, when you reach out with questions, or to share how you are feeling, and/or what you’re experiencing during this interesting, albeit challenging, time in all our lives. It’s all life and yours is precious. Embrace it all! If you would like to contact me, remember you can click on Yoga or Astrology, scroll to the bottom and leave me a message which will show up on either of my email addresses.